AI Support Bot


You can use the bot below to find most anything on the site by simply typing with in the text area below labled "Type your message" and ask whatever you may need. Using it to search for specific products and/or to determine wether it's an item we carry are possible scenarios. Along with current sales and pricing inquires and most anything related to the website. The results are good, but not perfect and some amnomalies will be expected. Over time the capabilities of the model will be much more accurate as more experience and data is gathered.  

 This new search feature is leveraging the new capabilities of AI-Powered Intelligent Search based on the well known models developed by OpenAI and ChatGPT. As the new automated support bot is updated and fully integrated into the website, additional capabilities providing specific order details, order timing, and tracking information will become available.  In the meantime general information can be requested from the bot and overtime the answers will become more accurate and meaningfull as the learning algorithm improves. Please try refrasing the question slightly if your first response is not adequate and our apologies in advance if there's any replies that are unexpected. 

We're working diligently on the current delay and response times. However, our goal, as we introduce new technology and website features that will automate capabilities instantly providing the information you require 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, with out delay.  

Thanks again for your patience.